Myths & Facts - things to consider:

      • A young first offender, one incident, should not be confused with pedophiles or predators
      • Scientific data says the male brain isn’t fully mature until about age 25.
      • Young men in general are: 
        • Sexually curious
        • Bombarded with sexual messages in media, music, etc.
        • Have likely had exposure to pornography by age 11.
        • Approaching the prime of their physical and sexual development. 
        • (See “Less Guilty by Reason of Adolescence,” American Psychologist Dec 2003, 1909-1018,
      • Definitions: 
        • Sex offender – any male or female, any age (states very from age 12 and up), convicted of any sex offense (streakers, flashers, sexually active consenting teens if one is under age 18.).
        • Pedophile –  Primary sexual attraction is to children
          • Usually have many victims
          • Spend time grooming, gaining trust of victims and/or parents
          • Those who molest boys have highest recidivism rate
        • Sexual Predator – The most dangerous.
          • Primary purpose is to find, victimize and usually kidnap someone
          • There can be some crossover in definitions, as a pedophile who kidnaps

About 1% of sex crimes involve murder. Many current laws are based on these, widely publicized, very tragic cases.