Jessica's Law

We encourage judicial discretion, not mandatory minimum for those defendants age 19 and under at the time of offense, especially when they have an otherwise clean record.

These laws vary from state to state but most include GPS for life and 25 years mandatory minimum for first offense against someone under age 18.

Sexual Assault Coalition Announces Opposition to Jessica’s Law
Press release Sep 12, 2006, Sacramento CA
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault
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The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) announced today it’s opposition to the ballot initiative Proposition 83, also referred to as “Jessica’s Law.” The coalition of rape crisis centers and sexual assault prevention programs released a position paper criticizing Prop. 83 as “a short-signed approach to sex offender management that will place California communities in greater danger.

Two of the flaws in the initiative, as identified by policy experts, include the 2000-foot residency restriction for sex offenders and lifetime GPS tracking for all sex offenders. Suzanne Brown-McBride, Executive Director of CALCASA, states, “This combination of policies creates a variety of unintentional consequences. One is that there will be a general migration of sex offenders to rural communities who simply cannot monitor them, while on the other hand, the remainder of the offenders in urban areas will simply go underground, failing to register.”

Prop. 83 has gone relatively unopposed until recently when victims advocates and some law enforcement have begun to step forward, warning that this legislation will reduce California’s ability to effectively manage sex offenders. Says Brown-McBride: “So far the public has only heard one side of the story. We hope to expand the dialogue around this initiative so that voters can make an informed decision.”

CALCASA is a statewide organization in California, working to end sexual violence. Membership includes sixty-six rape crisis centers throughout California. View website at