Lifetime Supervision

Most New “Lifetime Supervision” laws are being applied retroactively which means even though one has finished his time in prison, he will not be free, but is “under the control of the Department of Probation and Paroles,” forever, even though that was not his original sentence.

This means a parole officer controls his life and almost every action he will ever make. He must continually get the approval of his parole officer for just about anything.

  • Residence and job must be 1000 feet from any school, daycare, park, athletic field, etc. and will hope a landlord will rent to him. No internet access allowed, for life.
  • Employment must be 1000 feet from any school, daycare, park, etc; with internet access forbidden, job opportunities and advancement will be limited.
  • Fees – Must pay $250-$350 per month for parole supervision, registry, GPS, mandatory weekly counseling, and quarterly polygraph tests.
  • Can’t leave his county without permission; can’t have a job that requires interstate travel
  • Must register monthly as an offender at the local jail’s booking department from 9-5pm Monday through Friday, requiring time off work.
  • College – He will have a hard time finding one that will accept him; none within 100 miles have admitted a registered sex offender yet; no internet access allowed if he is accepted.
  • Can’t date (or marry) anyone who has minor children. Some parole officers require that all potential dates first attend the sex offender’s therapy group.
  • Social life is nearly impossible. Can’t go to movies, libraries, gyms, parks, state or National parks, lakes, malls, sporting events, most cultural events, bowling alleys, beaches, camp sites, hiking. Can’t go to homes of friends, or family, or even cemeteries, if within 1000 feet of schools.
  • Sports – Since parks are off limits, cannot participate in sports; gyms are forbidden if there is a child care area, even if it’s closed. Can go jogging or biking, but first has to determine the locations of all day care facilities, etc. so he doesn’t go near them.
  • Freedom of religion curtailed – can only attend worship services, no Sunday School, choir, social events, etc. He can’t go at all if it’s near a school, daycare, etc.
  • No contact with anyone under age 18 for life, without written permission from parole officer, and accompanied by a trained sex offender chaperone. This includes family gatherings. So far, law still allows him to be with his own biological children.
  • His own children – when he marries (if he can find someone willing to put up with all of these rules) he can’t take his own children to parks, school, fairs, amusement parks, beaches, camping, hiking, public pool, mall, library, or watch them participate in school programs, sports, Scouts, etc. He can take them to restaurants, markets, and Wal-mart.
  • GPS electronic monitoring devices require nightly charging, meaning a 9pm-6am curfew.
  • This may be important to protect society from pedophiles or predators, but surely not young first offenders who are not a danger to others, that have already given years of their lives to pay their debt to society.

Question: Is Jared a “violent sex offender” who needs to be monitored for the rest of his life?

Question: Should young first offenders (age 19 or under at the time of their offense) be monitored the same as those whose crimes involved kidnapping, violence, force, murder, attempted murder?